Keeping your cat entertained at home

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Keeping your cat entertained at home


Ideally cats should be outdoors, exploring the garden, climbing trees, hunting for food, seeing new things and keeping themselves occupied. But indoor cats need our support in receiving mental and physical stimulation in the home environment. Our cats will be healthy and happy when we ensure that they have had adequate activity in the day. If cats are left without activity or stimulation, they become stressed or frustrated, which leads to unwanted behavior. So ensuring that the cats are engaged and having plenty of fun is in our best interest. Here are a few simple ways to make even the most sedentary cat occupied and engaged.


      1. Chase

Most cats, kittens or adults, love a good game of chase. The joy of chasing or being chased responds to their feline hereditary nature. Cats would love to chase anything that you have thrown, this could be a fallen feather, ping-pong balls, a toy mouse, a piece of cloth or just about anything that they can hunt or chase around! A good game of fetch is super entertaining for cats as they love to chase or pounce on things. This is a really great way of getting your indoor cat some exercise. 

      2. Cardboard boxes 

Cats are strangely drawn to boxes. They use them as hiding spots, strategic attack locations, or makeshift beds. They possibly love them so much because boxes feel safe, warm and mysterious all in one. Give your cat a cardboard box, carve out a few holes in it to encourage a game of peek a boo and watch them entertain themselves.  The humble, simple cardboard box is a fun, safe, cheap and easily obtainable fun toy for your cat.


      3. Paper Bags 

Cats also love paper bags. The crinkly sound of paper and its ability to change shape makes it an engaging, low cost toy for your pet. Cats love pouncing on, hiding in and scratching the bags. The intriguing crinkling sounds it makes when pawed and the different shapes it takes on can fascinate a cat for hours. If the bag is large enough, your cat might crawl inside and play a game of hide and seek with you. Don’t forget to remove any handles attached to the paper bag, as they can be a choking hazard.


     4. Hunting for treats 

Cats are natural predators, but indoor cats don’t get an opportunity to hunt. By placing various strong, aromatic cat treats around the house you can create an opportunity for them to hunt out the treats. Place the treats at a close proximity so she can sniff them out. Cats hunt instinctively, so this game would be particularly fun for them. Activities like these keep them entertained but also physically active. 


     5. Cat trees 

Cat trees are tall structures that provide stimulation for our furry friends by providing them a space to wander, climb and explore, benefiting their physical and mental health. Cat trees provide your feline friend with optimal surfaces for sharpening claws, a fun place for playing, and a way to show off impressive climbing and jumping skills- in addition providing them a cozy spot for naptime. Your cat will have an especially good time if you are able to place the cat trees by the window. It gives her a safe place to sit back and relax while they watch what’s going on outside.



      6. Cat toys

There are many types of toys that your cat might enjoy. 

  • Teaser wands have a small small toy or feathers attached at the end which can be waved, fluttered or twitched around, exciting and inviting the cat to play. 
  • Cats love playing with balls, as they seem to be, small scampering animals such as mice. Chasing behind balls stimulates their hunting desires. Catnip or bells in the balls help to entice further attention. 
  • Treat Dispensing Cat Toys can keep cats distracted for hours. These toys aim to make your cat work for their treats. Cats have a natural need to win, so this provides them with the challenge and opportunity to triumph. 
  • Cats are naturally curious and love squeezing themselves into small spaces, cat tunnels serve as space for your cat to play and interact. Most tunnels have a crinkling sound that gets produced as the cat runs through or some hanging toys that your cat will instinctively swipe at.
  • New Age Cat Toys 
    • Solitaire Strategy Game is an interactive board game that comes with 7 balls. These balls can also be filled with treats which could catch their attention. It engages the cat and helps stimulate their mental and physical energy.
    • Circle Tower Ball Game: This toy helps soothe the chasing instinct in cats. This game can be play by the cat independently when they are home alone, bored and want to be entertained.

We hope that with these ideas, you don’t get stuck into the ‘same mouse, different day’ routine and enjoy your time with your cat everyday. Playtime has an important role to play - it helps address the instinctive need of your pet while also helping to strengthen a relationship between you and your cat. Play also helps to reduce the likelihood of obesity and obesity-related problems, keeping your pet strong and healthy.  



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