How To Choose The Right Toys For Your Dog?

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How To Choose The Right Toys For Your Dog?


Playing and chewing are natural canine behaviors and dog toys are a big help when it comes to your pet dog. Dog toys are not just a means to have fun, they contribute greatly towards your dogs well being too. Toys help your dog fight boredom, provide comfort when he’s nervous and even helps to prevent the development of certain behavioral issues. The important question then is: which specific toys suit your dog the best. In this blog, we will help you choose the right toys for your dog. 
Factors to consider when choosing a dog toy: 
There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before you purchase toys for your dog. Let’s see what some of those factors are: 

1. Age of your pet: The age of the dog is the important factor to consider when purchasing dog toys. When dogs are puppies their teeth are smaller so they need smaller toys that can fit the size of their mouth. As they go through teething, soft rope toys are beneficial as they satisfy their desire to chew. As the puppies grow, the range of toys that they are able to enjoy increases. They can be offered interactive toys such as tug toys, balls, frisbees and more that can make playtime enjoyable. As they grow, mentally stimulating toys become more essential. Mental stimulating toys help him to grow into a smarter, sharper and happier dog. 
2. Size of the dog: The size of the dog determines the toy that is chosen. A toy-sized dog cannot play with a toy that is larger than he is. So depending on the breed and the size of the dog, an appropriately sized toy can be chosen. For small breed dogs, choose a small/medium sized toy so that it can fit into his jaws. If the toy is too large he won’t be able to play with it at all. If you have a large breed dog, a small toy can pose a choking hazard as he might accidentally swallow it. 0
3. Energy levels: For dogs with extra energy and excitement, toys serve as an outlet for their pent up energy. Hyperactive dogs are usually a bit aggressive and jumpy so durable and sturdy toys are the best options for them. Hard rubber toys that can endure aggressive chewing is an ideal choice. These are available in different sizes and shapes so you can choose one that is most suitable for your dog breed. Energetic dogs also love to play fetch with their owners, therefore, tennis balls, disc also known as frisbee or bone shaped toys are some of the best fetch toy options.
4. Time spent alone: When you have to leave your dog at home, you need to ensure that he has enough means to entertain himself and what better way to pass the time than with toys. To help ward off boredom, treat-dispensing toys are the best choice. These help keep your dog busy for hours whilst they try to figure out how to get the treat out. Additionally, you can also opt for flavored toys or you can try out tugging toys that you attach to the wall or floor so your dog can yank on it in an attempt to remove it.
5. Temperament of the dog: 
  1. Gentler dogs: Some dogs do go easy on their toys and just want a cuddle buddy. In this case, soft and squeaky toys are a great option. These toys offer comfort to their gentle soul and become sort of a best friend to accompany them day in and day out. 
  2. Traumatized dogs: Toys are a great source of comfort for traumatized dogs.These dogs need an outlet to vent out their fears or anxiety. Some dogs tend to be more aggressive and resort to biting as a kind of defense mechanism. You can help them channel that pent up negative emotions by providing toys they can chew on. Durable chew toys that can withstand heavy chewing is a big help to some of these dogs. There are some traumatized dogs that need a more gentle touch. These dogs prefer plush toys because they retain a familiar homely scent and would act as a security blanket for them. Remember to get a plush toy that is perfect for your dog’s size. Too big of a soft toy may seem intimidating to them instead and too small may not provide much comfort or be suitable for a cuddle. 
  3. Aggressive dogs: If you have a dog who likes to chew aggressively, then chew toys are the way to go. Choose durable chew toys as aggressive dogs have a tendency to destroy their toys with their destructive chewing habits. Therefore, pick out the chew toys which can endure your dog’s hard chewing for a long time. It is also recommended that you choose chew toys which also work as dental toys so your dog can satisfy his urge to chew as well as get his teeth cleaned. 
    6. Mental stimulation: Some dogs like mentally stimulating activities more than others, this is where puzzle toys come in. Puzzle toys come with a variety of skill levels. Once your dog successfully finishes one level, he can move onto harder skill levels. Each level will determine his mental strength and capacity. Dog puzzles are designed to challenge your dog. They contain compartments and mechanisms that would require your dog to figure out how to get to the reward you may have put inside for them. These toys can keep your dog entertained even while you aren’t at home. 

    Precautions- Considering how energetic a dog can get during play time, it’s important to ensure that he’s not playing with anything even remotely harmful. Toys with sharp edges or toxic latex are strictly to be avoided. Avoid or alter any toys that aren't "dog-proof" by removing ribbons, strings, loose eyes or other parts that could be chewed off and ingested. Opt for plush toys that you can machine-wash because many germs and bacterias can attach themselves to your dog’s toy. Be sure to discard any broken or damaged toy. 

    Toys have become a vital part of a pet’s life. They assist in fulfilling your dog’s emotional as well as physical needs. The options available for dog toys have also risen significantly. Pet parents are flooded with choices - but choosing the right toy that suits his needs is critical. By making an informed and appropriate choice of toy, you are contributing to him becoming a confident, well-behaved and fun-loving dog. 



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