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Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay
FEATURES Meant for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other such small pets. Veterinarian recommended Nutritious, sweet-smelling grass Stimulates your pet's appetite Harvested fresh from Oxbow’s family of farms Hand-sorted and hand-packed with care High in fiber for digestive & dental...
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Chipsi Sunshine Timothy Hay
₹445 ₹495
Chipsi Sunshine Timothy Hay
FEATURES Meant for rodents and other small animals High quality hay Roughage high raw fiber content Rich in nutrients Clean, untouched plant-based nutrition for a natural diet. Carefully dried and thoroughly de-dusted Supports digestion and metabolism Promotes the necessary dental...
₹495 ₹445
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Trixie Corner Toilet For Rabbit
FEATURES Meant for rabbits Material- Plastic Hygienic and easy to clean Saves litter   Buy rabbit toilets from ShakeHands, the leading pet store.
₹395 ₹356
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Chipsi Sunshine Plus Timothi Hay
FEATURES For : Hamster, Rabbit and Guinea Pig Easy to digest Plant feed Chipsi Timothy also prevents the teeth of the rodents from growing too long. Fibre content in the diet ensures that your pets maintain an ideal body weight....
₹725 ₹653
Bayer Bayticol Pour on Solution Ready To Use Potent Injection
FEATURES Pour-on. Ready to use potent ectoparasiticide. For control and management of all ticks species, lice, mange mites and biting flies, including strains resistant to carbamates, amidines, chlorinated hydrocarbons, organophospates and organochlorine group of insecticides DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION- RECOMMENDATION Apply...
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