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Skyec Tick Free Powder
Skeyc anti-tick and flea powder for the dog can be used for all kinds of dogs both young and old. All you have to do is to apply the Notix talc on the whole body of the pet after every...
Vetoquinol Fixotic Spot On For Dogs Over 40 - 60 kg
The spot on solution for the dogs for protecting from flea & ticks for 40 - 60 kgs weight dogs. Buy dog Medicine from Shake Hands the Pet Store.
Beaphar Flickout Spray
Mainly used for the prevention and control of multiple species of crawling & flying insects, including mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, bedbugs, and flies. Ticks crawling across permethrin-treated pets skin and coat are likely to drop off before they are able to...
Vetoquinol Fixotic Spot On For Dogs 10 - 20kg
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Vetoquinol Fixotic Spot On For Dogs 10 - 20kg
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Bayer Kiltix Collar For Flea And Ticks For Large Dogs
Dogs are highly vulnerable to ticks and fleas during the rainy season and the infestation of the external parasites can be a cause of many allergies and infections. Bayer Kiltix Dog Collar Large is a high-quality collar smeared with chemicals...
Vivaldis VI-FI Forte Spot On For Dogs 20 - 40 kg
HIGHLIGHTS Meant for dogs Controls and treats Flea allergy dermatitis Effective against ticks, fleas and prevents re-infestation Easy and quick application method ensures accurate dosage Effectively acts on all stages of flea life cycle. Safe for pregnant and lactating dogs....
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