How To Take Your Dog For A Walk During Monsoons

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How To Take Your Dog For A Walk During Monsoons

We all enjoy monsoons, with its chilled refreshing air, the unique earthy smell of the ground and the occasional rainbows! Unfortunately, just like most things, the rainy season also has a downside- muddy, wet grounds and possibility of sudden downpours- which then forces us to restrict our daily walks with our dogs. However, our fur babies require their daily dose of outdoor walks for their physical and mental well being. To help you overcome this conundrum, we have posted some helpful tips that will ensure a safe and comfortable monsoon walk for your pooch. Read on to find out what these tips are-

 Some tips to have comfortable monsoon walks: 

 Use of monsoon accessories:

There are many accessories that have been designed to keep dogs safer and more comfortable during the rains.  

  • Raincoats: Dog raincoats are the perfect accessory to keep your pet protected during the rains. Raincoats form a barrier against the rain, protecting your dog from the cold, wet climate. When dogs with long hair are exposed to the rain, their fur gets matted or knotted. Removing these knots is challenging and painful. Waterproof raincoats help prevent  the fur from getting knotted when exposed to the rain. 
  • Waterproof shoes/boots: It’s really important to protect your dogs paws during the rainy season. Wet paws may leave your dog susceptible to infection from rain water, there is also the risk of slipping due to wet paws which could cause an injury or even having debris stuck between paw pads causing pain and injury. To avoid such incidents, it is recommended to make your pet wear waterproof dog shoes or rain boots, making walktime comfortable and convenient for both of you.
  • Cleaning wipes: Pet wipes are a helpful solution to quickly and conveniently clean your dog’s paws, especially when you are out on a rainy walk. Clean your dogs paws before they enter the house to ensure that the dirt and rain water isnt trailing into the house.  

Introduce your dog to rain at a young age:

It’s helpful to expose your dog to rain at a young age so that he does not grow up to fear it or consider it a threat. Start off by taking him to your balcony and feeling the spray of the rain water when it’s raining or take him for short walks around the block. When he grows up into an adult dog, the mention of a walk in the rain will be met by barks of excitement instead of fear.

Check weather forecast:

To avoid facing heavy rainfall mid-walk, check the weather forecast and plan the schedule of your pooch’s walks accordingly. Plan your walk at the time of the day when the rainfall would be light or moderate or better yet, not pouring at all. 

Stay close to home:

Even with weather forecasting, you never know when you might get hit by a sudden downpour which is why it is a good idea to not stray too far from home. Take your dog for his walk just around your neighborhood so that you can rush home quickly if there is an unexpected shower.  

Take safe routes:

Safety comes first when walking your dog outdoors. Do not take routes that could be slippery, full of puddles or too muddy. Try to avoid slopes during the rain. Slippery slopes may cause you to slip and get hurt. It’s best to take a walk on flat roads during monsoon. 


During monsoon season, it is best to carry your dog’s rain gear during your walks, regardless of whether it is raining or not. Getting soaked in the rain would not only ruin the mood for both of you but could also cause a cold. 

Make sure your dog is ready:

Taking a walk in the rain is not the most appealing idea to some dogs. You need to gradually prepare them, coax them and use positive reinforcements to make sure they are willing. The purpose of these walks is to keep your dog fit, not just physically but mentally too. Don’t use forceful methods to walk your dog in the rain. It would only cause him to withdraw from you, hence, defeating the purpose of these walks. It might take a while for your dog to be comfortable with the idea of walking during monsoons. He can start off by trying on his rain gear(raincoat, rain boots, etc) and watching the rain from inside the house. As time passes by, he’ll understand that rain is not a dangerous element and the concept of walking in the rain is not as bad as it seems.

Outdoor walks are an essential part of a dog’s life and depriving him of that will negatively affect his overall health. Walking your dog in the rain isn’t easy for sure. But we hope that these tips will help you enjoy your daily walks with your dog without the rain becoming an unpleasant factor. 

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