Celebrating Christmas and New Years With Your Pets

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Celebrating Christmas and New Years With Your Pets


Celebrating Christmas and New Years is always the highlight of the holiday season, not to mention the traditions that follow. Hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies, decorating Christmas trees, waiting for “Santa” to bring gifts to the kids and many more. The cherry on top is that you also get to experience all of the festivities with your pets and raise their holiday spirits. We have some classic ways for you to have a fun and festive holiday with your pets-

How Can You Celebrate The Holidays With Your Pets?

There are numerous ways you can celebrate the holidays with your pets. Some of them are mentioned below:

  •  Christmas tree decorations: Just because your pets can’t do the decorating physically, there’s no reason they can’t participate. From choosing the Christmas tree to choosing the type of ornaments that can go on the tree, your pets can have a say in the minute details of the decorations. For instance, they can sniff and take a look at selected decorations and paw the one they like. These minor inclusions will have a positive impact on your pet and will not have them feeling left out or alone. 

  • Buying Christmas presents: If your traditions include hanging Christmas stockings, why not include one stocking for your pet. You can easily get a special, customized stocking for pets. We are sure your pet would be thrilled to find gifts for them inside their very own stockings. The gifts for your pet can include new toys, delicious treats and not to forget Christmas themed clothes.

  • Family photos: Some families, as a tradition, decide to take family photos for the holidays each year as a remembrance. If you also partake in this tradition then you can include your pets in these photos as well. All of you can wear matching pajamas, including your pet, and adorn silly reindeer horn shaped headbands, Santa hats or wear ugly Christmas sweaters. Make your pet feel cherished by having them be a part of all the holiday festivities. Remember, photos last forever, so why not mark the years of happiness you’ve had with your family, human and pet.

  • Cuddles in front of the TV: Sometimes holiday traditions can be something as simple as cuddling up in front of the TV with your pet, drinking hot chocolate and watching pet-friendly movies. You can have your own countdown during New Years Eve and celebrate the coming year with your pet within the comfort of your home. 

  • Baking Christmas cookies/treats: Home-made treats for your dogs are easy to make with natural ingredients like oatmeal, pure peanut butter, bananas and any other pet-friendly ingredients you want. You can shape the dough with different cutters such as a star, Christmas tree, gingerbread man, snowman, etc. Small traditions like this really allow everyone in the family ,including the pets, to get into the holiday spirit. 

  • Safety tips:

    • Some Christmas decorations like the lights, small ornaments, bells, etc can be quite a hazard to pets if they trip on them or swallow the smaller ornaments. Ensure that there are no such decorations in your pet’s vicinity.
    • During the holidays, make sure to take your pet for a walk during the least busiest time of the day to avoid the traffic and overcrowding that is sure to ensue . Loud noises and crowds can incite fear in your pet, especially if they are a sensitive soul.
    • During New Years Eve, many places set off fireworks to celebrate the upcoming year but the exploding sounds of the crackers may terrify your pet to an extreme level. You may want to take some precautionary measures beforehand.
    • Try to tire out your pet before the countdown so they are asleep long before the fireworks start.
    • When you are in the process of making some holiday food for the family, make sure your pet doesn’t get a taste as some human food is not ideal for your pet’s health. Also, make sure the candies are far away from your pet’s reach.

    Holiday season brings joy, excitement and positivity in every household and spreading that joy to everyone, including your pet, is what a festival is about. Seeing you energetic and happy can make your pet bask in that happiness, allowing him to enjoy the holidays just like you do. Your furry friend is an important part of your family and celebrating the festivities together can prove to be a fun and memorable experience that both of you will remember for years to come. Therefore, be merry, be jolly and look forward to the new year with zest. Happy Holidays!

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