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Grain Free Food

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Dog Grain Free Food :

A Healthy Option.

Dog grain free food is growing in popularity due the increased number of dogs with food allergies or sensitivity to grains. You may also find that your dog’s allergy is only to one type of grain or to a type of protein, making limited ingredient dog food a great option. Although they are free of grains, most grain-free dog foods are not often low in carbohydrates. This is why it can be an optimal dog food option for active or working dogs in need of a bountiful energy source. The purpose of switching to grain-free dog food shouldn’t be just about eliminating grains, in fact some dogs benefit from dog food with grains. Consult your vet about the benefits of a grain-free dog food diet for your pup. Establish a balanced nutrition for your dog with your vet and focus on providing the best options for your pet, not just a grain-free food label. At Shake Hands, we stock a wide range of grain free products such as Farmina N&D, Arden Grange and Canine Creek. These wide variety of formulas contain limited ingredients of the highest quality and in the right proportion, so you can be sure you’re purchasing the best grain-free dog food for your pet.